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All maintenance requests are to be made in writing either by submitting this online form or by placing the written request in the drop box. Regardless of how you submit your request, please make sure you include your name, address, number, email and a description of your issue.

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Emergency Maintenance

For a life threatening emergencies which is defined by danger to life or property that may require the police, fire department or ambulance, please contact 911 immediately.

ONE Property Management is pleased to provide our residents with 24 hour Emergency Service. Hopefully, you’ll never need this service, but if you do, you will certainly appreciate having maintenance just a phone call away. Before you pick up the phone to call us, though, we want you to know what to expect. Emergency Service is just that: service we provide to you in the event of a true emergency. We have developed a response procedure for emergencies and other situations that arise during non-business hours. We believe that if you know what to expect from us, you’ll be better prepared to deal with an unexpected event. Please understand non emergency messages left on this line will be discarded and the tenant will be expected to request these in the format listed above.  

For Emergency Maintenance call (319) 382-9900 and press appropriate extension and leave a message with your name, property name, address, contact number, email and a description of your issue.  If the call is deemed an emergency the message will be forwarded to the emergency on call technician.

  • No Heat: This is an emergency in extreme cold weather when the outside temperature is below 45 degrees consistently for a period of 24 hours and when the heater is not working due to mechanical malfunction.
  • No Hot Water: Reset the circuit breakers by flipping them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position, wait 30 minutes. If problem persist contact us.
  • No Electricity: Blown fuses are not considered after-hours emergencies. Please familiarize yourself with your fuse panel and/or breakers and how to use these. Electrical outage may be considered an emergency ONLY if there is no electricity throughout the unit AND:
    • You have called your electric provider and they state they are not at fault
    • You have checked all circuit breakers by flipping them hard to the OFF position and then hard to the ON position and have reset any and all GFI breakers (these are the little buttons found on outlets)
  • Gas Leaks or “Smell of Gas”: Please contact your gas provider. Then contact us.
  • Flooding of your Apartment: Call immediately, If coming from the sink turn off the water valve under the sink until a contractor arrives. Do everything within your power to contain any leaking or flooding and, if necessary, contact other residents who may be affected by the leak.
  • Fire: Call 911 first!! Then contact us.